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It seems as though some very important people use twitter as a great resource to network with others in their field.  However, the limited space makes it seem that it would be difficult to really get to know a person well enough to network.  Do people provide links to their blogs/websites for this purpose?

I have found twitter to be useful for getting quick answers to simple questions.  Some of the updates are interesting, but many use abbreviations (due, again, to the limited space of 140 characters) that don’t make sense to those not involved in the conversation. True, you can keep following the tweets back to find the source, but this process seems to leave some confusion, at least so far as I have tried.  Maybe these abbreviations had to do with things in Public Relations or other fields with which I am unfamilar.  But i’m pretty sure many of them were just there to save space.

It seems that Twitter is a means to an end.  I mean, Facebook has many features that include long conversations, short messages, and lots of other things.  I think that Twitter may be more of  a way to meet people with whom you may have something in common, and who you would use other methods to really communicate with.

Overall, I remain neutral about Twitter.  I guess I would have to use it a lot more to start really liking it.  When I get deeper in my major, perhaps there will be some people in my area of study I would like to follow – that might make it more interesting.  Obviously, it is a great way to find internships, if one is willing to take time to explore. I will definitely keep my account on Twitter, though it may be awhile before I really use it. A good experience overall. 🙂


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