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I will be attending my older brother’s graduation from GA Tech the day after tomorrow in the GA Dome in Atlanta!  He has worked really hard and I am soooo proud of him!  He’s been taking Tech classes on Armstrong’s campus in Savannah, majoring in Civic Engineering.  Also, he already has a job lined up where he has been interning, so he’ll be makin’ that dough right out of college!!  Maybe he’ll be so kind as to share some with me 🙂 

We will be leaving tomorrow to go to Atlanta.  Previous plans were to stay in the Econo Lodge, but Providence was kind to us and we will be staying with friends of my younger brother who live in Atlanta.  Thank goodness for that.  The Econo Lodge sounded a little sketchy…………I may not have made it back for finals.

Also meeting a friend who transferred to Tech this semester for a late birthday dinner.  Really looking forward to it all, but not looking forward to all the studying I have to do when I get back.  Oh, well.  It will all be over soon.


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The Future is Now

According to the Phuket Gazette, Thailand’s Phuket International Airport,  Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, and Chiang Mai International Airport are now using thermo-scanners to detect foreign fliers who have temperatures that exceed the norm for humans.  Anyone who has a high temperature is stopped and checked, and anyone with flu like symptoms are re-directed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

It seems as though this is something you would see in a sci-fi movie.  I’m not sure if something like this would go over very well in airports in the U.S.  With increased security measures following 9/11, it may actually not be that big of a jump.

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In the January 2009 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, Oprah Winfrey pours out her heart to readers about her weight loss of 40 pounds from 2006 to 2009.  She candidly explains how being overworked and not taking time to take care of herself led to the weight gain.  She states, “Here’s another thing this past year has been trying to teach me: I don’t have a weight problem—I have a self-care problem that manifests through weight.”  Her plan for the future is to put her life back in balance by making time for herself, eating healthy, and exercising.  She had to re-discover just how important it is to take care of yourself, regardless of the responsibilites you face every day. 


Oprah’s straightforwardness about the struggles she had was very touching.  She explained how she felt fat, and that the pictures on the front of her magazine were all from the waist up because she didn’t want to be photographed.  There are so many people who feel the same every day.  It may seem impossible to break the mold of your routine. There may not seem like there is enough time in the day to eat healthy, exercise, and do everything you need to do.  However, if you realize how important you are to yourself, then you will realize how important your physical, emotional, and spiritual health is (they are all connected, by the way, with each one having an affect on the others).

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Increased Banking Fees

My bank is now charging $6 for a cashier’s check, $15 for outgoing wire transfers, and $18 for incoming wire transfers.  How crazy is that?!?  I guess it has to do with the current state of the economy, but that’s rough!  I really should be thankful that my money has not been lost and that I did not have any investments with banks that went under.  Well, I don’t have any investments at all, so that was never an issue. 🙂  Kind of scary to think that all your money could be in jeopardy.  Maybe grandpa was right about hiding your money in the back yard……….

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Winding Down!!

The semester is almost over!!  The taste of summer is in the air.  However, the last week of school – FINALS WEEK – is nothing to be glossed over.  The feeling is kind of like fun-sized senioritits, minus the fun.  Some tips from me on how to keep it together for one more week.

  • Get some sleep!!  You hear it all the time, from psychologists, professors, parents, and friends who point out the attractive bags under your eyes (maybe that’s just me).  An appropriate amount of sleep can do wonders for your mood and your ability to study.  Brittany Barr offers some tips on sleep in her article, Never Forget the Importance of Sleep.


  • Eat healthy!!  This is another one you hear a lot.  Whether a healthy eating plan is something that you intend to integrate into your life permenantly (which it should be) or not, your eating habits for the week of finals can definitely influence the way you feel.  It is very easy to order out the whole week, eat from vending machines, or just forget to eat at all (personally, I’ve never had a problem with that one).  However, eating a healthy diet is worth the work to make you feel energized for study and exam taking.  Wes Young gives some pointers in this department in the article Don’t eat your way through finals.


  • Schedule time for relaxation!!  Besides sleep, make sure you give yourself time to relax.  Even if it’s just 15 minute breaks in between studying and a half hour to an hour before bed, make sure you don’t burn yourself out.  The success of fulfilling this pointer depends upon the next one:


  • Get organized!!  Make a study schedule with plenty of wiggle room just in case something takes longer than you expected.  Elizabeth Scott provides some pointers in this category in her article, Low-Stress Study Tips for Finals Season.

Follow these few guidelines and  you will be on your way to a smooth finals week.  Who knows?  You might even feel like it’s Summer break already………..well, maybe not.  But things will be a lot less stressful and you will feel confident as you take your finals and move on to some well-deserved R & R!!  Good luck!!

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